About Me

Up until quite recently, working in the publishing industry was merely a long term ambition, an unrealised dream that one day I would be working on a creative book project alongside equally passionate professionals. I am aware that a personal ‘journey’ has become something of an overused cliché but my choice of blog title reflects absolutely what this year is: the start of a journey of working with books.

I am a traveller by nature and by that I mean I am always prepared to go somewhere new, to adapt to new surroundings. I would say any physical journey is also an inner journey. I try to approach life with the belief that arrival at a destination is never the true goal.That is to say, any journey is about valuable experiences which change your outlook, about the people you meet along the way who teach you something new, the realisation that there are endless possibilities to the route you take and all you need is the ability to adapt.
So less about journey ramblings and more about me. Well, to be more specific than the slightly bland statement of ‘I love to read’ which is a given if you are studying towards an MA in publishing, I am a huge fan of detective fiction and read anything from nineteenth century creators of the crime novel – Wilkie Collins, Arthur Conan Doyle to Agatha Christie to P.D.James. Biographies and autobiographies fascinate me because they provide such an insight in to the lives of so many people I admire. As writers are usually by nature fairly solitary individuals, it is fascinating to learn something of their experiences which shaped their work. I admire many poets but above all I immensely enjoy the poetry of Philip Larkin; my love of his work originating from school days. Of particular interest to me currently is Ancient Eygpt for which I have developed a keen interest. I could go on but suffice to say I have been a voracious reader since I was very young.

Books have often been associated with broadening ones horizons, absorbing knowledge, looking outwards and it is the essence of this open minded attitude which I am attempting to convey in my choice of title. Avid book readers frequently question beliefs and exercise imagination which is able to make the everyday endlessly fascinating, and amusing, even in circumstances which do not demand it. It is from books that readers are able to gather knowledge and develop views on a wide range of subject matters without restraints and influences.


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